1. As a food delivery operator, why the name HARIMAU?
A: This is inspired by our tagline “Belum try belum tau, sudah try, hari-hari mau”. For a more detailed insight into who HARIMAU is as a brand, please refer to ABOUT US.


2. Would you be expanding your food delivery menu?
A: We are now just a new born cub. We will gradually increase the number of selection, a few feedings at a time - until we get a roaring lineup of menu items.  


3. The food I received looks different from the photos. 
A: Your meals are always prepared and packaged with sincerity from our end as Harimau has adopted our packaging inspired by the Japanese who constantly makes their food look organised, appealing, and tantalising!

However, the meal may turn out to be different in the process of delivery. For your info, we are one of the food delivery operator who adopt fancyJapanese style bento to make the food look more organized, more appealing and more exciting!


4. What's the delivery charge? I can't seem to find it in my order billing. 
A: Well, it's simple. We don't charge you an extra delivery fee. Harimau practices a "What you see is what you get" when it comes to our charges. No fuss at all!


5. How do I make my payment? 
A: Currently, we're only accepting bank transfers and are updating our systems with other payment methods in order to serve you better.


6. I want to make changes on my order, how can I do it?
A: This can be done 1 day to up till 3 hours before your preferred delivery time slot. Please contact us via Whatsapp through a text or better, a call. Our team will be able to attend to your requests.


7. Any discounts or promotions if I order more?
A: There are always deals/promotion available to reward all our friends. Keep your eyes peeled at our Promotions page as we frequently update the page for you!


8. My delivery area isn't covered. Can I make a special request?
A: Talk to us, drop us and email through Contact Us. We will try our very best to make sure your belly gets what it wants!


9. Can the delivery come up to my floor? In a residential or commercial building?
A: Our drivers will deliver the food till the entrance/lobby or designated public area. This is to make sure that every order gets to our customers in the fastest span of time. However, if you need certain requests - please do let us know in advance. 


10. I didn’t receive my food / My delivered food is the wrong item.
A: Send us a photo of the meal via Whatsapp or email with your order number and details. We will investigate and get back to you as soon as we can.


11. Can I cancel my order and get a refund?
A: As we do not practice refunds at the moment - we are able to reschedule the delivery dates for now. Please notify us minimum 12 hours before the initial selected delivery time and your rescheduling will be processed.


12. Business operation hours?
A: Last call for your orders are at 10.00 pm. Delivery starts the next day for the following slots

Lunch - 10.30am to 2.30pm

Dinner - 4.30pm to 8.30pm